Getting Started

Location, Location, Location...

Let's start with your desired area (South/West Salem; Albany; Dallas; Turner; etc); you can see our current offerings here. We welcome your desire to use your own location, however, we encourage you to contact us regarding our ability to service you in that area.


Next, we will discuss your budget. We do our best to fit the most options into your budget at, what we call, Base Price. You will also receive a list of eligible Upgrades that you can select from. If the upgrade you wish for is not listed, please let us know and we will gladly get you a quote for that upgrade. Keep in mind, that we do not mark-up on any upgrades - our cost is your cost.

At this point, we will draw up a contract and make sure all Base Price and Upgrade items are documented.


There a two financing options available, but in either case, you must have your pre-approval on hand. Earnest Money, typically $5,000.00 (non-refundable), is required to reserve your desired lot or to get started with a plan. Once received, it becomes part of your down payment (20% total down payment required, especially if you choose one of our lots).

  1. All-in-one or construction loan financing from a bank of your choice. You would be responsible for all monthly draws, which requires you to be very involved in the whole process.
  2. Comfort Homes provides construction financing, as well as all contractor draws/payments. Your bank will consider this as a down payment for final financing. We may also be able to accommodate you even if 20% down payment is not in your budget. Ask us how this can be extended to you.

Plans / Permitting

Next, we will focus on your house plan. If you have one in mind, we can get going right away. If you do not, there's no reason for be alarmed, as we are able to integrate and/or modify any plan available online. Or, we can custom design one to be a perfect fit just for you.

We will also make sure all necessary truss layout and floor joist designs & structural engineering is included with our design drawings for expedited permitting process with the city/county.


Typically, we are able to break ground as soon as drawings have been submitted. Once full building permit is issued, it's non-stop to the end. All subcontractors are scheduled in most optimal order to avoid unnecessary time delays.

Hand Over

Upon receiving Certificate of Occupancy, we will guide you though transfer of title and financing to your name. Our 1-yr warranty (10-yr structural) starts at this time as well, and you'll be instructed on how to properly maintain your new home and how to initiate warranty calls.