About Us

Our Company

Our doors first opened as a siding contractor back in 1995 and we called ourselves V.A. & Sons Construction Corp. When the siding business slowed down, we got involved in new construction just to keep busy. As we realized that we wanted to pursue new and custom home construction, we brought that idea under the umbrella of Comfort Homes, LLC in 1999.

Our Inspiration

Comfort Homes, LLC was inspired by new construction, high quality craftsmanship and modern design. From the beginning, the business has been owned and operated by a father (Viktor) and four sons (Andre, Gene, Sergei and Ilya), each co-owner and playing his part.

Our Mission

We all work together and strive to be the best in the industry with the latest trends. We take pride in every house we build, as we take care of new and returning clients. And we take pride in every sub contractor we work with, as most of them have been with us since the beginning.

Our People

Each of the members has his own responsibility to ensure that everything runs smoothly:
- Andre (current company president) handles plan designs, scheduling and permitting
- Ilya is responsible for new clients and contracts
- Sergei is responsible for all things in the field
- Gene runs V.A. & Sons and handles all things exterior (siding, decks, etc.)
- Viktor handles logistics